Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Passion of Art

I saw this clip on YouTube and it just intrigued me and caught my attention on an emotional level. The artists, Joe Castillo, uses his hands to work with the sand in order to create the visual images which tells the story. He changes the images to coincide with the story and has to ensure that the images he creates are communicating the story of "The Passion" to his audience. Like in advertising, images are very important as well as the color. The colors this artist chooses as his background I think is also very important because they evoke emotions, such as the color red. Red is such a dramatic color and can translate into many different meanings like anger, danger, passion, love, etc. The music also adds to the art, having a more emotional impact. Whether the music is at a faster pace or slower pace, Castillo moves his hands with the music, creating the images you see.


  1. I've seen these sand designs before. They're magnificent especially how quick he creates them. I think anyone can design art in the sand but not at Castillo's speed. He practically took a simple art technique and mastered it adding some great music. The type of sand he uses must be from the finest minerals around the world. Hopefully he isn't wasting it.

  2. Wow that was really cool! I have to admit that I wanted to see the pictures already so I did fast forward, but he did manage to create each scene rather quickly. It was also cool seeing the images appear out of just a bunch of random designs of sand. It just goes to show that we can create art out of just about anything.