Sunday, May 17, 2009

BMW vs. ............

The competitive world of the automobile industry is never ending. I thought this was so hilarious and clever. Hope you'll be able to see the billboards if you click on it. But if not, the smaller, white billboard is an Audi billboard with the tag line, “It’s your move, BMW.” And what you see next is the black billboard, BMW’s response, “Checkmate.” Love it! That is so cool. Another cool ad by BMW are the two cars facing each other. At first I was trying to see that maybe there were faces in the lights or something. If you look closer, check out the Jaguar hood emblem.


  1. These are so cool. I think it's awesome when companies have enough confidence on their product to publicly challenge their competition. Unfortunately for Audi and Jaguar, BMW's advertising agents are earning their paycheck. With the first ad, it's not only the size of the billboard, but also the tagline, that make it read like a great yo momma joke comeback. The second one is more subtle, but also effective and illustrates a good diss.

  2. These ads are so funny. I think it’s great because the people who generally drive these vehicles are usually very proud of what their driving. It really hits right on target with the attitude which the vehicles personify. I think both ads are very successful, but I really like the subtlety of the second one.