Friday, May 22, 2009

Where's your child?

The image and text are important in order to get this message across but the location of the ad also makes it more effective. If this ad wasn’t placed at the bottom of a pool, it might not make as much as an impact. However, I do think that they planned on placing it at the bottom of a pool from the start. This ad connects with the intended audience, adults. When I first saw this, it really hit me on an emotional level because nobody would want to see any child at the bottom of the pool as illustrated. However, I then saw the child, a real child who is not the intended audience, observing the ad. The child looked intrigued of that image of the boy at the bottom of the pool. It definitely sends a strong message to adults but I believe it is also sends the wrong message to children who might view it. Many young children learn by copying what they see. If they see this ad, they might think it's ok to be at the bottom like that. I understand they are trying to prevent drownings and the ad is placed in shallow waters. However, you still hear of bad stories that happen in waters as shallow as bathtubs. I think this ad is very effective only if adults could see it.


  1. I really do agree with the target market adults instead of young children. Because young children will copy the image instead of reason that it a picture. The picture may need to be smaller eye level for adults to see.

  2. I really like this ad, despite the almost morbid imagery. It really does catch your attention because of its size and the question that it proposes to parents. It is super effective in getting the message across, and it's so sad!

  3. This is a really cool ad. It has the interesting imagery and quick-and-to-the-point text. And it's all about the context because this ad would not be effective anywhere except for at the bottom of a pool. I also totally understand the concerns that you have mentioned and agree that this ad might not work out so well logistically and might cause problems that were never intended.